My journey into plant parenthood started in November 2019 
when I made an early New Year’s resolution to focus on growth. 
It started with one plant and before I knew it our apartment turned into a mini jungle. 

Beginner’s Guide: 10 Things I’ve Learned As A New Plant Parent

Firstly I want to start off by saying I am amazed at how quickly my plants have grown on me! This might not be true for everyone but I honestly don’t know if I will ever stop being a crazy plant lady. Maybe it will ease out a bit, or take over my life completely….

Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips For New Plant Parents

Caring for houseplants to me means learning to grow and growing as you learn. If you follow me on Instagram or if you’ve read some of my other posts you will know I am completely new to caring for houseplants. My journey started in November 2019 when I made an early New Year’s resolution to…

Beginner’s Guide: My Top 10 Easy To Care For Plants

As a new plant parent I tend to buy plants that are easy to care for. In my opinion an easy to care for plant is a plant that is not as fussy with regards to light, temperature and humidity and is not as susceptible to pests. This does not mean that these plants don’t…

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Beginner’s Guide: My Top 10
Easy To Care For Plants

I made a list of my least fussy family members and plants that I would recommend.

Meet The Gang

With my “Meet The Family” series of posts I will be introducing you to my plants and tell you a little bit more about the story behind each plant. I will also attempt to share more about my plant care, and how the plant responds to the conditions in our apartment.

Meet The Family: Neon Pothos Bright & Rewarding Beginner Plant

Just like my Marble Queen Pothos, I would definitely add my Neon Pothos to my list of favourite plants. This might seem a bit repetitive if you read the post about my Marble Queen Pothos, but I felt the Neon Pothos deserved its own post. Lately though I have been more obsessed with the Neon…

Featured: Meet Ireland’s ‘plantstagrammers’ on Independent.ie

You know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being a part of the plant community is just amazing. I have met so many incredible people and have learned a ton from others and their shared experiences. In September NewDayNewGrowth was included in Independent.ie Weekend Magazine’s feature about Ireland’s plantstagrammers. I love being…

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