New Day New Growth: Becoming A Plant Parent

Hi there, and welcome to my blog! I am a new plant parent based in Ireland and am growing my indoor garden one (or rather multiple) plant(s) at a time.

My journey into plant parenthood started in November 2019 when I made an early New Year’s resolution to focus on growth. It started with one plant and before I knew it our apartment was turning into a mini jungle. I am so excited to share my plants and their growth with you.

Houseplants are a new love of mine. It all started after I revived a succulent that was in pretty bad shape. To be fair I plopped him down in our bathroom and forgot to care for him. But with some effort I managed to save him and he gained new life. In an attempt to add more life to our apartment and also to purify the air we breathe I started looking into acquiring houseplants. I have since welcomed 41 plants into our home and can’t imagine living without my soon to be indoor jungle.

“I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.”

β€” David Hobson

Working and caring for houseplants have taught me so much, not just about plants (obviously), but also about myself and my own growth. Along with new growth there is also loss, with each mistake there is a lesson and with every new day there are new chances and opportunities. I look forward to a life committed to growth, with the ups and the downs. I also look forward to adding more plants to the family.

So as you might have gathered the whole idea behind #NewDayNewGrowth is to focus on growth, not just having a lot of plants in our space, but learning to keep plants alive and to let them thrive.

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So @perky.plants tagged me to share 8 facts about myself in a post and I thought it is a great way for you all to get to know me a little bit better! She also asked me to include new and old loves I have found and rediscovered during this lockdown period. 1-5. My name is Mizan, I am 26 years old and live in Ireland with my husband @fjpotgieter43. We are both South Africans and moved to Ireland in 2018. If you are interested in our Ireland adventures you can follow my personal account here: @mizanpotgieter 6. Indoor plants are a new love of mine and I get to spend more time with my plants since staying home. A year ago I didn't know anything about plants and only had one succulent in our apartment. I have since acquired 41 plants and can't imagine living without my indoor jungle. While being at home I discovered I love looking for new leaves on my plants. I have become slightly obsessed! 7. I have an honours degree in Journalism and am working on a blog dedicated to my plant parent journey. Writing is an old love that I have sadly neglected over the past year or two. 8. I love making food and trying out new recipes. And I am guilty of baking banana bread during lockdown too. I even baked chocolate banana muffins! And I am not sorry. Does anyone know why this is a thing? I love learning from all of you and would love to get to know some of you as well! Please share 8 facts as well as one new love you have discovered and one old love you have rediscovered during this time @asmorgasbordofplants @onegirlsurbanjungle @mypeacefulmoment @joelromeroceballo @saffronsgarden #NewDayNewGrowth #GettingToKnowMe #ChicksWithPlants #HelloPlantLady #BoysAndGirlsWithPlants #PlantMom #IrishHousePlantClub #CrazyPlantLady #UrbanJungle #HousePlantClub #UrbanJungleBloggers #CrazyPlantWomen #100PercentPlantBitch #HousePlantsOfInstagram #PlantParent #PlantLove #HouseOfPlantLovers #PeopleWithPlants #PlantParentCommunity #CrazyPlantPeople #HelloPlantLover #IPlantEven #House_Plant_Community #WomenGrowingPlants

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