Meet The Family: The Succulent That Started It All

With this blog I want to take the time to introduce you to my plant family. So first a disclaimer (I’ve added this to my About page as well) I am in no ways an expert in plant care. My experience with houseplants is very limited and I only started caring for houseplants late 2019. I am a new plant parent and this is my journey so most of the information given will be from personal experience. 

In March I created a Plantstagram account in order for me to share my journey and also as a way for me to document my plants’ growth. After about 6 weeks I find myself spending a lot more time on this account than on my personal account. So if you follow New Day New Growth you’ve met most of the members of my plant family.  With each post I will attempt to share more about my plant care, and how the plant responds to the conditions in our apartment. 

The first member of my indoor garden is the plant that gave me the confidence to adopt more houseplants. Yes, I realise this sounds EXACTLY like the woman who watered the fake plant for two years (read about that here).

Her exact plant identity eludes me, but I have been informed on Instagram that it seems to be a Echeveria Pulidonis. She is the first plant I bought after we moved to Ireland. I bought her at Aldi during a grocery run and actually managed to almost kill her.

I did neglect her yes, but growing up in South Africa I heard over and over that it is almost impossible to kill a succulent. Obviously the climate is different in Ireland and she almost did not survive. I felt so useless for managing the impossible. Eventually I put on my big girl pants and decided not to throw her away but rather to try and save her. I removed the dead leaves and repotted her. With some patience and extra attention (a lot of direct light and no water) she came back to life! 

I still have her in the windowsill in our spare bedroom where she gets the most light and I water sparingly. She has since dropped most of her bottom leaves leaving her looking a bit bare. I am not worried. She seems like a tough girl that sometimes just needs to let go of what is holding her back. 

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