Meet The Family: Calathea Musaica – Mesmerized By Her Beauty

This beautiful Calathea Musaica was my first wish list plant. I saw her the first time in Deep Route Gardening in Cork and was mesmerized by the pattern on her leaves. This was still in 2019 and I did not yet have the confidence to purchase her as I heard how difficult it can be to care for a Calathea. 

With my “Meet The Family” series of posts I will be introducing you to my plants and tell you a little bit more about the story behind each plant. I will also attempt to share more about my plant care, and how the plant responds to the conditions in our apartment.

I kept dreaming about her beautiful networked leaves but wasn’t sure if I would find her in any of my local garden centres. On the first weekend in January I did some major plant shopping because I haven’t bought any plants in about a month. I couldn’t control the urge to expand my plant family. On that gloomy Saturday I brought home a total of seven new plants. 

First we stopped by Woodies where I buy a lot of my plants, pots and soil. When I saw the Calathea Musaica on the shelf I immediately picked her up. I don’t even recall if there where any other plants that I wanted as I just had eyes for her. I didn’t even notice her size until I brought her back to the car and had to strap her into the back seat. I also got the basket on sale for only €8.50. She is one of the larger plants I own although my Peace Lily might have over taken her in size. Her largest leaves are bigger than my hand.  

In the beginning I was scared that I might kill her, and that fear hasn’t gone away completely. So far she has been fairly content with her living situation but hasn’t shown any signs of growth yet. She is in a well draining soil mix and I water her once the top soil is dry. There was a tiny root rot scare a while back but I trimmed away some parts and all seems to be okay. I am scared to over water her so I do so sparingly. I also mist her daily. We have quite high humidity (70-80% or more) so I don’t add any extra humidity to the environment.

She is in my plant corner that has Southern exposure and I keep her away from the window so that she gets bright indirect light. Once every three or so weeks I give her a good shower to clean off all the dust on her leaves. 

I don’t like to pick favourites but she is by far one of my most beautiful and impressive plants even if she is a slow grower.

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