Meet The Family: Maranta Leuconeura – Dancing Prayer Plant

In some of my previous posts I have highlighted the importance of being part of the plant parent community, especially if you are a new plant parent. Not only will you learn a ton about plant care, you will also meet some of the nicest people that share your passion for houseplants. 

With my “Meet The Family” series of posts I will be introducing you to my plants and tell you a little bit more about the story behind each plant. I will also attempt to share more about my plant care, and how the plant responds to the conditions in our apartment.

My first true experience with this was back in February, before I started New Day New Growth. On my personal Instagram account I asked the members of the Irish Houseplant Club if they knew where I could get my hands on a Maranta, especially the tricolour or red variety. I had seen these on Instagram and heard they were fast growers and fairly easy to care for. I was also fascinated by the way they moved, especially the way they turn their leaves up at night. If you haven’t seen it before watch the timelapse below. 

Almost immediately Catherine (@myplantfamily) sent me a message saying that she will take a cutting from her Maranta and propagate it for me. I was so surprised that someone would do something like this, especially for a stranger. About ten days later she sent me a message saying she was at Aldi that morning and saw a Maranta for sale in their plant section. She bought it for me in case ours didn’t have any. 

I work in customer service and since starting the job I have fairly quickly lost my faith in humans and mankind. I am sure anyone that works in customer service can agree! Luckily the plant parent community has shown me that there are still good people out there. I am reminded of this everytime I see my Maranta, so thank you Catherine, your random act of kindness did a lot more for me at that time than you realised. 

Since February she has grown about five new leaves and is still popping out more on a bi-weekly basis. I used to have her in my plant corner in bright light but she didn’t seem to like it that much as they generally prefer lower light areas. I moved her a bit to the side and she is looking much happier. I mist her every other day and water once I see her soil has dried out a bit but other than that she has been very low maintenance. 

Like all my other plants I have her in a well draining soil mix that consists of houseplant soil mixed with perlite. When I repotted her I found that she was two propagated stems tied together with a rubber band. I cut that loose as I didn’t want it to affect her as she grows. The stems slumped to the sides and it resulted in her looking less full, but that wasn’t a major issue for me. She is growing a bit leggy so once she has grown enough I might propagate a cutting to fill up the pot to the sides. 

The next Maranta on my wishlist is the lemon lime and then the kerchoveana. If you are a new plant parent I can highly recommend adding a Prayer Plant to your collection if you are able to get your hands on one. I have also included her in my Top 10 Easy To Care For Plants list.

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