Beginner Plant Tips: Becoming A Better Plant Parent

There are a lot of things you will learn as a new plant parent and with technology these days there are so many different ways for you to gain knowledge about caring for houseplants. I love learning new things both in a personal and professional capacity. I strongly believe that you can’t learn or grow without making mistakes, but you can also learn from others if you are willing to do the work.

Beginner’s Guide: 10 Things I’ve Learned As A New Plant Parent

Something I am extremely excited about is the June Beginner Plant Tips posting schedule @theplantypotter put together.

I hate the term “plant killer”. For some reason we’ve decided caring for plants is just an inherent skill some people have, either you have a green thumb or not. And that’s not true at all! I struggled with plants for many years because I didn’t understand their needs. I’ve learned so much about plant care over the last 6 months and I’m excited to share that knowledge with you this month. I hope this makes you more comfortable trying a new plant… or 2… or 50! And fellow plantstagrammers I hope you join me in making plants less scary!


When I saw this I immediately knew I wanted to join in, not just by sharing what I’ve learnt with you but also to learn from other plant parents. I have decided to only write about the subjects I feel comfortable with but I haven’t narrowed it down yet.

Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips For New Plant Parents

Here are all 30 subjects that will be covered by The Planty Potter:
  1. Understanding the light you have
  2. Finding the right plants for you
  3. Good first plants
  4. My favourite low light plants
  5. My favourite high light plants
  6. When to water
  7. Watering methods
  8. Plants that show they are thirsty
  9. Where to put your plants
  10. Picking the right pot
  11. Keeping succulents alive
  12. Why the leaves are brown
  13. Plants for pet owners
  14. Optimizing humidity
  15. Choosing the right soil
  16. Repotting your plants
  17. Pruning your plants
  18. Propagation
  19. Fertilizing plants
  20. Identifying pests
  21. Managing pests
  22. Poles, trellises or let it trail
  23. Edible Indoor Plants
  24. Vacation Plant Care
  25. Styling Your Space With Plants
  26. Using Grow Lights
  27. Helpful Plant Tools
  28. Favourite Local Plant Shops
  29. Favourite Online Plant Shops
  30. Favourite Plant Resources

If you would like to join, share a tip from the list on the corresponding date. Use the hashtag #BeginnerPlantTips and tag @ThePlantyPotter so that she can spread the knowledge with others. By following the hashtag you can also read other plant parent’s tips.

Which topics would you like to read about on my blog? Leave a reply by commenting below! If there is a different subject that you would like me to write about please fill in the contact form here.

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