Ordering Plants Online: Shopping With BabyPLNTS Plus Free Gift

Most of my plants are bought from local plant shops or garden centers but in March when the pandemic started to get very real and travelling was restricted I needed to get my fix somewhere! I had already discovered Online Babyplants through Instagram but I was hesitant to order online as I was scared of plants being damaged in transit. I also like picking out a plant from a shelf to ensure I “get a good one”. At the time however I saw @shelleys.indoor.jungle had a discount code so I decided to take the plunge! They also stocked quite a few plants that I knew I wouldn’t be able to source locally so I made my first online plant order and received my first plant mail. 

From all the companies I have ordered from I can honestly say this is my favourite. From their website, to their customer service, shipping and packaging. I have since placed two more orders and I had a very pleasant experience. They have recently updated their website and branding and it looks amazing!

I still have to do individual posts about all the plants I’ve ordered from them, but I can say the baby plants are just adorable! It is also great to watch them grow into full sized plants. If you are looking for larger plants they have a great variety of plants available and are always adding more stock to the website. They also stock soil, pots and other plant accessories.

To celebrate their new website they decided to send me a gift and it included one for you too (keep reading!). This package is literally the best thing I have ever received in the mail. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed unboxing something this much since maybe my third Christmas. They sent a starter kit that included three adorable baby plants, three tiny terracotta pots, soil and their own plant food. I have potted quite a few plants over the past few months but this experience was extra special.

I would never recommend a brand or company if I don’t absolutely love it, and man do I love this company. I’m extremely satisfied with the plants I’ve bought from #PLNTS so far and the service I’ve received is exactly what I would expect from fellow plant lovers. I also love their new packaging and the lengths they go to to make sure the plants are delivered safely. 

So not only did I receive this adorable #BabyPLNTS starter pack, they also wanted me to share this gift with you because as they say “the best kind of gifts are the ones that keep on growing.” If you pop over to plnts.com and use the discount code PLNTS-partytime51 at checkout you will get 15% off your order! That means more plants in the basket! 

If you order plants from BabyPLNTS using the discount code please tag me so that I can see what you got! I just love seeing people’s new plants. If you have any questions, advice or requests for particular topics that you would like me to discuss please feel free to contact me here or pop me a DM on Instagram. 

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